Kikis Blasts Nigerian Lawmakers Over #27 Billion Budgeted For Just Rehabilitation
  On a quick interview with one of the 360nd Media correspondent, the fast growing artiste “KIKIS” voiced out with pains and hanger on how he felt about the #27 billion budgeted for just Rehabilitation by so called Lawmakers. Read his perception below:   “Leadership is by serving the people you lead. Perhaps, a true leader doesn’t go to bed with his two eyes closed knowing the bad condition of his followers. In the National house of Assembly we don’t have representatives rather, shedy and selfish politicians. #27 billion for just rehabilitation when our youg graduates & undergraduates are out there jobless, what a pity Nigeria is soled out by the same people we trusted. They approved the $5.5b in return of #27 billion to share amongst themselves.”   Do you think there’s any future for the common Nigerians with this our current leaders???

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